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This is a new curve in this blog. You are going to read what I write couples of months ago and never put on line.



Here is a simplistic and incomplete report of the world situation, from my point of view, in June 2009 after spending a year around the world the way I did.



Earth is full of human, part of the human nature is fighting, taste for power, need to dominate. Historically, inside each continent, we are kicking each others ass for different reasons, land, access to sea, mining, difference of language, size of penis, religion, civilization dominancy etc…



That was almost all right till around years 1400, when Europeans invent big boat, good navigation tools and seriously deadly weapons. From there, start important intercontinental exchanges between civilization who didn’t have a clue of the existence of each others.



Of course European man with guns, thirst of power and economic system valorizing gold, silver, diamonds installed some market exchange counters. Or decided that these indigenous were not human, so that was legitimate to hunt them as animals, or inferior cast, reap woman, convert in good Catholics the survivors before seeing them dying because of the European diseases.



Colonization, conquests, discoveries, genocides, rebellions, independences war, were going on till nowadays, but always making Europeans kingdoms, and republics, richer out of south hemisphere.



Paradox is than individually, only a slight minority would agree to kill a human being to rob him. But group effect multiply stupidity, therefore acting for the good of a nation allowed everything even the worst.



Common sense individually, save us of free violence and protect us. Unfortunately common sense and critical sense are change by group effect.



These commercial exchange and world market leads us to two main economic and social system which are capitalism and communism. Their opposition involved propaganda, manipulation, brain wash, wars, embargos, instable politic situation, and also keep on digging the gap between rich and poor.



Relative to this two system there are two way of life: individualism and collectivism. Which influence on family relations, work, and transports. Basically we are having now two different way of living. The super rich European, North American and some of common wealth and on the other side the long list of developing country.



We rich, are happy with our ignorance of our quality of life. We are super consuming and destroying the planet pretty quick. We all getting massive destruction weapons, already enough to blow out the entire planet couples of time. We are letting mass media manipulating us without critical sense; we are becoming victims of our own society without even realizing it. We are escaping responsibilities of our act letting to a god or an other the power of judgment. We are squeezing in city without be open to others. We are loosing family value, respect, health, for different reasons; money, power, comfort, growth, and profit. Poor are fighting to get our left over.  How many people are living in poverty? How many famines? Often they don’t even know how bad their situation is. Education, health, qualifications, infrastructures, birth control are missing. Every day they are envying us a little more, every day we are stealing them a little bit more.



We can’t blame them to cross borders illegally looking for food and better life. Neither we can’t blame someone to enjoy the quality of his life.


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